My take on the food pyramid.

My take on the food pyramid.

This is the first in a series of blog posts to provide a different perspective on nutrition and diet. Numerous reasons motivate me to write this post; among them is the tremendous results I experienced transferring to my version of the keto diet. 

I figure the best way to tackle this is to build the story from the ground up so I can deliver some commentary that is not available out there. So, I will start with my story in this post and get into some of the metabolism underlying my experience in future posts.

The last week of December 2021, I was listening to a YouTube stream when a dude named Vince said something that changed my view of fats and carbs forever. It destroyed the entire food pyramid concept (thanks to Kellogg’s). It gave me a great hypothesis for how the keto diet works at a functional level. It is not your average cell that needs to change, it is the hepatocytes in your liver. These are the cells that can burn fats for fun! Sugar tells these cells to stop what they do. 

The hypothesis gets much deeper than that. It has to do less with body type than it does with the repression of gene expression. In my next post, I want to start with my interpretation of the keto diet, and I will give you an idea of the meal plans that got me going on a journey that shed 50 pounds in just over 1 year. The best part of it, is it was fairly painless. It also led me to develop my own jerky drying method and recipes that inspired the creation of Dr. D’s Creations LLC.

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