Jerky Production Services Available

Our kitchens are inspected by the Mohave Board of Health. We score Excellent on their unanounced inspections. We are happy to offer the following services.

  • We can purchase the meat and ingredients and prepare the recipe of your dreams.
  • We can use you meat and or flavoring ingredients to create a remarkable jerky.
  • We can develop a recipe for you and use it on meat you provide.
  • We will consider any variation on the above suggestions.

  • Whole-muscle strips can be:

    • dehydrated unseasoned
    • wet marinated the dried
    • coated with a dry rub then dried
  • Ground meat can be formed into strips:

    • then dehydrated with or without smoking
    • mixed with other ingredients then dried
    • formed then coated with a rub and then dried
  • Cherrywood or Not?

    • We can use smoke to finish the process, or as the sole method of drying the jerky.
    • We typically use cherrywood pellets in the store, but any wood can be used for smoking.