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Jerky Related Q&A

How is the jerky made at Dr. D's Gourmet?

We make our jerky from quality meats that we slice and marinate in our kitchens. We do not use preservatives in the process. The meat is placed on racks and dehydrated. The dehydrating process includes several steps. The first step is a high-humidity thermal treatment that kills all vegetative microorganisms on the strips. This lethal treatment is followed by drying in an open oven at ambient humidity until the desired water content is achieved. The dried product is packaged in a sanitary environment in air-tight bags filled with nitrogen gas to remove any oxygen from the package. This last step prevents the growth of most molds, as their spores are not killed during the thermal treatment and are present in the air during packaging. The absence of oxygen also preserves our jerky products' nutrients and flavor.

How do you need to store the jerky and how long will it last?

Our jerky is shelf-stable at room temperature for at least a year without much change in the nutrition values or flavor profile. If you want to store it longer, keep it in the freezer, where it has an indefinite storage life.

After the package is open, the product is exposed to oxygen and other things like dust in the air, and any unused portions should be stored in the refrigerator.

Do you used artificial colors or preservatives?

We use high quality all-natural ingredients to make our jerky and popcorn products. No preservatives are added to our products.