Learning and Teaching: A Monologue

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Part 1 by 1/18/34 Introduction thru 4
Part 2 by 4/18/24 Chapters 5 thru 10
Part 3 by 7/18/24 Chapters 11 thru 17


Learning and Teaching: A Monologue - PART 1/3

The United States was established as a Republic, and the founding fathers voiced their fears that a government by the people for the people required constant vigilance to prevent its corruption and ultimate destruction. It was, and remains apparent, that a well-educated populace is essential for this to work.

We are all aware of the constant outcry of American citizens that we are not educating our children. I have been hearing this since I was in high school a longtime ago. After 10 years of service teaching math and science in public schools, I gathered my observations and thoughts on the subject into this book.

We are offering downloads of the printable E-Book currently containing the first three Chapters. By the end of next week, I plan to expand Part 1 to contain the book's first four chapters. Together, these chapters describe my education, my favorite teachers, and my first days as a high school teacher. New versions will be sent to users as they become available.

Parts 2 & 3 will be uploaded over the next two months to complete the book. At that time, a complete version will become available.

One huge benefit of publishing the e-book is receiving and responding to questions and criticisms quickly and efficiently. I am setting up an interactive blog for this purpose. Thanks for your interest in this publication. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@drdgourmet.com.

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