Roasted Red bell pepper beef jerky

The Gourmet Jerky Shop

Indulge yourself with Dr. D's mouthwatering jerky flavors made with the finest all-natural ingredients. Tender chew jerky varieties are marinated in our House wines, premium oils, and high-quality herbs and spices. Our unique small batch dehydrating process delivers an unforgettable taste and chew experience. If you prefer a dryer, chewier jerky, try our S&P jerky seasoned with only salt and pepper and then dried. Have you ever had a slice of jerky finished with a permanent and mozzarella cheese blend? We got a few. We also offer two different smoked bacon jerky. Check them out in the Jerky Shop today.

The Jerky Shop

Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn

The Craft Popcorn Shop

Inspired by a summer favorite, this popcorn is
coated with a strawberry-vanilla caramel, freeze-dried strawberries, heavy cream, and butter. We use organic Amish popcorn and the finest natural ingredients to make our mouth watering popcorn creations. You might also be interested in one of our hardwood smoked popcorns for something completely different. Stop by the Popcorn Shop to see if something strikes your fancy.

The Popcorn Shop

Coming to our kingman store

Dr. D Ferments

We are preparing to open a wine section in our Kingman store to sell our house made wine. We already make wines, like this Chardonnay, to craft our marinades for our jerky. It was used to make this Savory Chicken Teriyaki, which happens to pair delightfully with the wine! Coming soon to a store near you.

Coming Soon

The Shops at Dr. D's Creations

Welcome to our online store. Please take some time to review our unique jerky and craft popcorn varieties to see if something excites your taste buds. These delights are all-natural and contain no preservatives.