Welcome to Dr. D's Gourmet Creations!

Here you will find a variety of unique jerky and popcorn flavors you will not find anywhere else. All-natural ingredients of exceptional quality combine to create our delicious gourmet jerky and craft popcorn varieties. Please feel free to browse our shops to find something to make your taste buds happy. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dr. D's Gourmet Jerky

    We offer a variety of delicious flavors you cannot find anywhere else. Our Roasted Red Bell Pepper Jerky and Smoked Molasses Bacon are just two? The picture shows our savory Red Bell Pepper Jerky.

    Discover Your New Favorite Jerky 
  • Dr. D's Craft Popcorn

    Have you ever tired smoked popcorn? We make two smoked-popcorn flavors using cherrywood smoke. Our customers tell us that the Smoked Parmesan Cheese Popcorn is addictive. Our decadent Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn is pictured above.

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  • Dr. D Writes

    Dr. D is nearly finished writing his first book called "Learning and Teaching: A Monologue." You can get your copy by following the link below.

    You will receive an email containing the download-link after completing your purchase.

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  • Dr. D Ferments

    Our jerky is made using wines we produce in house. These will be available soon in our Kingman, AZ, store and local markets.

    Coming Soon 
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Dr. D's E-Gift Cards Available

We are happy to offer e-gift cards that can be used for shop purchases online or in our Kingman store.